SR Ivocap® High-Impact Injected Acrylic System

Kelowna Denture Clinic creates all its dentures using the SR Ivocap high-impact injected acrylic system. This patented heat-curing injection process results in an accurate, secure, and comfortable denture fit.

With conventional denture fabrication techniques, inaccuracies of fit can occur because the denture acrylic will inevitably shrink during the curing or polymerization process.

To combat acrylic shrinkage, the SR Ivocap injection system uses controlled heat and pressure to keep acrylic material keeps flowing into the curing flask at a steady rate throughout polymerization. As a result, the SR Ivocap injection procedure permits the fabrication of high-quality dentures with outstanding fit and comfort.

Premium Quality Teeth

Ivoclar SR Phonares®

SR Phonares teeth embody the essence of natural dentition. Each mould has been sculpted to deliver the ultimate lifelike result with an unparalleled true-to-nature vitality.

  • Natural aesthetics
  • Increased resistance to wear
  • Excellent longevity

Vita Physiodens®

Vita Physiodens® are multi-layered teeth that feature opalescence, luminescence, and a balanced translucence.

Precision Dentures

precision denture provides excellent function, fit, comfort, and aesthetics. It is personalized to your physiology using precise measurements of your face and jaw, assuring a more individualized function in relation to the movements of your jaw. A precision denture is also handcrafted to match your age, complexion, and facial features.

    Titanium Partial Dentures

    Titanium is the highest quality material in use for cast partial frameworks. It is stronger than other framework materials, doesn’t add bulk to the finished denture (often, it results in a thinner denture), and is lighter in the mouth than dentures created in acrylic only or using other framework materials


      Strengthening Fiber Force® Mesh

      FibreForce is a fiberglass lightcure material used in denture construction. As strong as metal (though not titanium), it provides a useful alternative to metal to strengthen acrylic for repairs or in new denture construction.

      Whereas metal is visible from within denture acrylic, FiberForce is also translucent when in place

      Cast Titanium Mesh Frameworks

      A titanium mesh framework is used in denture construction to achieve lightness and strength and to prevent breakage.

      Titanium is the highest quality material in use for denture frameworks. It is stronger than other framework materials, it doesn’t add bulk to the finished denture (often, it results in a thinner denture), and it is lighter in the mouth than dentures created in all acrylic or using other framework materials.

      To create a cast titanium mesh framework, we begin with an impression of a patient’s oral structures. Working closely with a laboratory specializing in cast titanium frameworks, a new framework is formed to the patient’s impression, then incorporated into the construction of the denture. This process ensures that the framework and resulting denture will conform perfectly to the individual shape of a person’s mouth.

      Patient Name Additions

      As needed, we are able to add a patient’s name to the denture acrylic. This can be useful for persons living in multi-patient facilities, to assist with denture identification, and for prevention of denture loss.

      Gingival Toning/Customization

      Gingival customization is a process of painting or staining the denture acrylic to enhance the natural-looking appearance or aesthetic of the final denture. It adds individual characterization to your denture.

      We can assess the implant components in your denture and provide ongoing maintenance and service via our standard patient recare program.

      Custom Tooth Staining

      Similar to gingival customization, custom tooth staining enhances the natural characteristic of a denture’s teeth. We achieve this custom result by hand-painting or colouring your denture’s teeth to best match with your unique appearance.

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