A precision denture is created to best work with and complement your individual biology.

The construction of a precision denture is grounded in “biofunctionality” or measurement and assessment of how your joints should work with your teeth for optimal tooth function.We derive your biofunctionality by using specialized instrumentation to measure where your temporomandibular joints are in relation your maxillae (upper palate). This process of triangulation gives us specific measurements that will enable us to construct a denture to function optimally for you.

In contrast, a conventional denture is constructed based on a “law of averages.” This means that the measurements and positional relationships of how a denture should work are based on a range of average values, not from determining your individual physiology or biomechanics. As a result, conventional or “standard” dentures will not perform optimally for many patients.


At Kelowna Denture Clinic, we create precision dentures using the Ivocap Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS), a coordinated system of products, instruments, set-up techniques, and training available exclusively to certified dental professionals. The BPS system has been designed to create dentures with ideal form, function, and aesthetics, combining proven techniques with advanced materials and technology.

Each individually-crafted BPS denture begins with teeth uniquely constructed in layers that mimic natural dentition. From preliminary impressions through try-in, we use specialized procedures, materials, and equipment to ensure a precise fit and to simulate correct jaw movement and function.

Crafted with ideal form, function, materials, and aesthetics, BPS dentures provide:

  • Precise fit and enhanced comfort
  • Excellent chewing ability
  • Life-like appearance
  • Fewer adjustments and less chair time

If you are looking for a denture that is remarkably natural and aesthetic in appearance and functions more like natural teeth, a precision denture may be the answer.

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