What our clients are saying.

KDC is the most accommodating and professional clinic I have ever been a patient of. Right from the first phone call, to a very pleasant receptionist, to the final fit, you are treated with care and concern. Stacey goes out of her way to address all concerns and issues you have. I will be smiling from ear to ear with my new dentures. Wonderful denturist – I will recommend her to everyone.

– Mary C.

Because of bone loss, my upper teeth were getting very loose. I considered an upper denture and my dental hygienist recommended Kelowna Denture Clinic. I went and was very pleased from the first day. Stacey explained everything very thoroughly. My healing is almost complete and I am awaiting lining. My teeth look beautiful and I have had many compliments on how natural they look. Would recommend to anyone. Very professional and thorough.

– Diana P.

I was very happy with my first experience at Kelowna Denture. Stacey and all the other friendly staff went out of their way to accommodate my needs and saved me an extra trip over to Kelowna. I appreciate the attitude to provide quality and professional service which was very noticeable in my experience as well as the knowledgeable and competent care I received from Stacey. 

– James K.

My sincere thank yous to Stacey and the staff at Kelowna Denture Clinic! I have worn dentures all my adult life. My last set was made approximately 5 years ago. I never liked them and was very self conscious. A friend highly recommended Stacey and because her new dentures are beautiful I gave it a try. It was the best decision. My dentures are beautiful. I’m learning to smile again. Thank you.

– Janet W.

While in for a consultation to replace my top denture Stacey pointed out she could fit me with a partial denture (two bottom molars on each side) without implants because I lost my 4 lower molars. I have not been able to chew on the back teeth for 8 years. I now have a full set of teeth. My smile is great, my ability to chew is normal again, experience was easy, pleasant, and painless.

– Rick B.

I didn’t smile often but after receiving my new dentures today I will be doing a lot more of that. Stacey MacAulay explained all the steps as we went along which made me feel comfortable. She did an awesome job with the new dentures. I will recommend her to my friends and to anyone who asks for a recommendation. THANK YOU STACEY!!

– Doreen B.

I love my new teeth! The upper fit is so good. Getting used to the lowers, but they fit so well. I have my smile back!

– Rebecca S.

The staff & care was great! Very kind, knowledgeable & accommodating!

– Brenda A.

Excellent dentures! I had corn on the cob after 25 years.

– Jerome K.

My husband got dentures first and he has never been happier. He has a very difficult mouth to fit and after many many disappointing dentures he is finally happy and comfortable with his new dentures. It took a bit of adjustment but Stacey was always able to pinpoint the problem and fix it. So, when I was due for new dentures my first choice was Stacey. My previous set were a nightmare from start to garbage. These fit and look very good. I can bite without my teeth clicking or falling out. I have a bit of pinch on my rear gum but I know when I get back to the clinic it will be fixed. Staff also need to know how great they are too.

– Bette K.

Thank you Stacey MacAulay for your superior work of fitting, designing, moulding, and the very minor adjusting of my new dentures. I am really impressed with the results you achieved in providing me with a set of dentures that work perfectly. My case was made more complicated because of the implants as well as the existing bar and the different sizes of the balls and sockets. Although that presented a challenge, it was not an obstacle for you. You found a way to make it work to my entire satisfaction.

– Jacques G.

I love my dentures! As a first-time wearer of dentures, I was so grateful for Stacey and staff taking time to explain and encourage me! It made the whole process a breeze.

– Cathy G.

Kelowna Denture Clinic is the best place to go for dentures. The fit is perfect. Stacey knows her stuff. I am glad I came here.

– Jack G.

This was a good experience and my new teeth look awesome. It took 20 years for this to happen but it was worth fighting for. Thanks so much for everything.

– Jacqueline H.

I am very pleased with the Denturist and staff. My teeth look wonderful! Certainly enjoy smiling now. Happy Happy Happy!

– Cynthia M.

Thank you for the work you have done. I will recommend Kelowna Denture Clinic to others because you have shown us your work is not your goal but your desire to add value to the work you do for us clients. Thanks again.

– Lorne C.

Absolutely amazing staff, have a good experience every time I come here. My new dentures have an excellent fit. Highly recommend.

– Ron S.

Very pleased with service. Enjoy coming to office. Always feel welcome. Office full of smiles. We will come back.

– Edward W.

The workmanship, caring, and the knowledge that I received, on a scale of 1-10 was a 15. I was treated with the utmost respect. Thank you all.

– Stephen W.

Kelowna Denture Clinic is very friendly and efficient. I had only seven teeth left. I now have a full set and am very happy that I can smile and eat.

– Joan B.

I wanted to take this moment to tell you how impressed I was with your presentation and your professional approach. I wasn’t sure what to expect as this was foreign territory for me and it was actually a pleasant experience. Thank you guys so much for that and I look forward to seeing you in the not too distant future.

– John W.

My teeth were not in the best condition, lots of pain. Dr. Brown recommended Stacey. My new teeth look so perfect and normal. It was a very easy experience and painless. It is taking time to speak normal but in time, I will. Thank you.

– Reta L.

From the moment I walked thru the door, I knew this place was completely different than any other clinic I had been to. I was greeted by Kathy who was friendly, professional, and outgoing. Stacey spent time to get to know my lifestyle and preferences. I was amazed by her knowledge and creativity. My smile is back!! She created the most beautiful set of teeth for me. Beautiful, natural, and the fit is perfect. I cannot recommend this clinic enough. They were all so fantastic.

– Dawn D.

I was impressed from the minute I walked in. I received an in-depth explanation of the procedure and cost. When Stacey did the impressions, I thought that she was very thorough, making sure the imprints were exactly as she wanted them. When I went in for a fitting with the wax try-in denture, Stacey was very fussy on how the teeth looked from the front and the side as well as having a good bite. When I got my finished denture, I was very impressed with how nice it looked. When I inserted the denture, I was really impressed with how it felt and fit. I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone wanting a first-class-fitting denture.

– Lorraine M.

Thank you for the work you have done. I will recommend Kelowna Denture Clinic to others because you have shown us your work is not your goal but your desire to add value to the work you do for us clients. Thanks again.

– Lorne C.

This being a very personal experience and usually very uncomfortable experience for me, I was made comfortable and treated exceptionally good by all of the staff. Stacey made me feel good about the positive changes to my teeth and how it makes me look. I do like this smile now!

– Gaye B.

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