Your denture has been fabricated using high quality materials and daily denture care will help you to get the best use out of it.

It’s easy to keep your denture clean, free from stains, and looking its best. Here is a list of what to do – and not to do – to keep your denture looking and feeling great.

  1. Place a towel in the sink or fill the sink with water – This simple step will dramatically reduce the chance of breakage if you accidentally drop your denture into the sink.
  2. Remove your denture and rinse it – This will help to remove any loose debris or particles.
  3. Brush your denture – Use a denture brush (not a regular toothbrush) and water. Brushing is the best way to avoid denture stains.
  4. Rinse your denture again with water – Now your denture is properly prepared for your denture cleaner to work most effectively.
  5. Soak your denture in denture cleaner – Follow the instructions recommended by your particular brand of cleaner. If you have a titanium cast partial denture and are unsure whether or not your cleaner is titanium-safe, contact our office for a list of recommended cleaners.
  6. Before reinserting your denture, rinse it thoroughly – This will remove any denture cleaner residue.
  7. Soak your denture overnight in water or an overnight denture-safe cleaner – Most dentures need to stay moist to keep their shape. As well, plaque can harden and bacteria can thrive if your denture is dry for too long.

Now that you know how best to clean your denture, you should also know how NOT to clean your denture:

  • Don’t use a regular toothbrush – Most toothbrushes are made from nylon bristles designed to whisk food and sticky plaque from dental enamel, which is the hardest substance in the body. However, denture teeth are much softer than enamel. Most toothbrush bristles are stiff enough to remove the polish from and even damage your denture’s teeth.
  • Don’t clean with toothpaste – Most toothpastes are too abrasive for use on dentures, especially whitening or plaque/tartar toothpastes.
  • Don’t clean with baking soda – As with most toothpastes, baking soda is abrasive and can damage both teeth and acrylic.
  • Don’t soak or clean with very hot or boiling water – Excessive heat can warp your denture, affecting both fit and function.
  • Don’t disinfect or clean with bleach or harsh chemicals – Bleach and other household chemicals can weaken your denture and whiten your denture’s acrylic. As well, these chemicals can tarnish and corrode the metal in a cast partial denture.
  • Don’t put your denture in the dishwasher or microwave – Attempting to disinfect your denture in the dishwasher or microwave can irreparably warp your denture.

Denture care is simple and best done daily. With a little care and attention, you can easily keep your smile looking great!

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