When you buy a pair of shoes, you understand that in time, they will become worn out and lose their comfortable fit, and that eventually you will have to replace them. It is the same with dentures: in time, replacements will be needed, even though many denture wearers believe that dentures should last a lifetime.

Images of patient before treatment

Wearing her old denture – facial support is inadequate, bite is overclosed, and teeth are worn down

Images of patient after treatment

Wearing her new denture – facial support has been restored, bite is opened up, and new teeth restore appearance and chewing function

The average lifespan of any denture is between five and seven years. Because the conditions of a person’s mouth change over time while dentures do not, a denture cannot do its job properly in most cases for longer than this.

Around that time, you may begin to notice that your dentures do not adhere to your gums as well as they used to. They may be loose or the teeth may have become worn down, and you may find it difficult to eat certain foods. Your face may look older or sunken in as you begin to lack support around your mouth. Your dentures may also have begun to cause you discomfort or pain. These are all signs that your denture no longer fits the current contours of your mouth and gums.

Your dentures were constructed to fit your mouth at the time they were made. They will not change with you over time as your ridges naturally shrink and supporting tissues change. This change will be more rapid with some patients than with others and is affected by the condition of your health and the protective care of your ridges.

Wearing dentures that are 10 or 15 years old can cause changes in your mouth that are often irreversible. The longer you delay replacing your worn and loose-fitting dentures, the more your appearance, health, and comfort will be affected, often gradually and without really noticing.

When you reach the point where your dentures are too loose to be comfortably worn or where your facial appearance becomes noticeably changed, make an appointment with your Denturist. Remember that annual visits with your Denturist are the best way to help you decide when to replace your dentures.

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