You see it everywhere in the media: brilliant white teeth. Celebrities have made the super-white look very much in demand. However, for most people, including denture patients, ultra-white teeth do lead to the most aesthetically pleasing results.

A tooth shade that complements your appearance will best help you best achieve a natural looking restoration.

Your Denturist has a large range of tooth sizes, shapes, lengths, and colours to work with. Their skill and experience will help them select teeth best suited for your unique needs. Selecting the perfect shade of tooth for your denture is an art form that is guided by your facial features, skin tone, remaining natural teeth, and even your gender.

Your skin tone is one aspect to consider. In general, light skin tones benefit from lighter tooth shades, and darker skin tones are complemented by slightly darker shades.

If you have any natural teeth remaining, your Denturist will also consider their shade. Matching the shade of your natural teeth will ensure your denture blends in, keeping your new smile looking as natural as possible.

Your age also plays a role in denture aesthetics. As we age, our teeth naturally darken. A mature person with a mouth full of blindingly white teeth often looks like they are wearing a denture. However, there is a wide range of what looks natural, and your Denturist will help you to select a tooth shade that is bright and light enough to restore a pleasing smile.

To help your Denturist select your ideal tooth shade, she or he will ask you for feedback on your desired appearance. You may wish to bring a picture of yourself that highlights your smile. If you already wear a denture, you can offer observations that you or others have made about your teeth. This kind of feedback will help you inform your Denturist about your expectations on how you want your denture to look.

During your try-in appointment, you will get to see what your final denture will look like while you are wearing it. This will give you the best opportunity to assess how you will look with your selected tooth shade. The teeth at this point are held in by wax and can be changed if you feel they are not the right shade. However, most patients find at their try-in appointment that they are pleased with the shade of teeth they have selected with the help of their Denturist.

In the end, your Denturist will offer guidance, and you have the ability to select the tooth shade you feel is right for you.

One final thing to remember: once you receive your new denture, protect those pearly whites with proper cleaning and storage. Regular, thorough denture care will help to prevent staining and keep your denture looking bright for years to come.

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