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Enjoy your smile again with a partial denture

Regardless of age, many people face unexpected health risks because they are missing one or more of their natural teeth. Thankfully, there are realistic and affordable solutions available to solve the problem, including partial dentures.

When teeth are lost or removed, your remaining teeth will naturally shift and move to fill the gap if they are allowed to do so. This change in the pre-existing positioning of your teeth can affect the way your teeth come together or bite. This can lead to serious and potentially long-term problems such as headaches, ear aches, clicking or popping sounds, or difficulty moving your jaw.

As if that isn’t bad enough, with fewer teeth to distribute your natural chewing force or “load”, the increased chewing load can lead to trauma on your remaining natural teeth and promote quicker loss of those teeth.

The obvious solution to these problems is to fill in the gap between your natural teeth. This would effectively stop any shifting of your remaining teeth while distributing chewing load over the maximum number of teeth. Common methods of treatment include implant-supported crowns, bridgework, and partial dentures.

A partial denture is an appliance that replaces missing teeth when some natural teeth remain, and it works compatibly with any remaining teeth. By filling in the spaces where teeth once were a partial denture helps to maintain proper spacing where the teeth once were.

Naturally, by removing gaps in your smile, a partial denture will restore your facial and dental aesthetics. However, it will also re-establish tooth positions and ensure proper contact between your upper and lower teeth. This means that you will have restored chewing efficiency and will be able to chew food completely and maximize the nutrition gained from your diet.

Your Denturist will collaborate with your dentist during all phases of the construction and fitting process of your partial denture. This coordinated treatment will ensure that your aesthetics and tooth positions are restored while the health of your remaining teeth is preserved, leading to optimal success.

If you are missing teeth and want an attractive, comfortable, and effective solution, consider a partial denture as an integral part of your complete dental care.

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