Here’s a question we commonly hear: what makes a Precision denture different from a Standard denture? Simply put, a Precision denture is built to function and fit better than a Standard denture.

For both Precision and Standard dentures, we start constructing them with the same basic steps.

Your Denturist will take a preliminary set of impressions of your oral structures, a set of custom-made impression trays will be constructed, and final impressions will be taken.

Your bite will also be taken, a procedure that provides measurements of how you bite together and how your dentures should fill your oral cavity.

Next, you will try a wax model denture on and assess how the denture looks.

Finally, your denture will be processed, your Denturist will verify that the fit and function of your denture is as expected, and any areas of pressure or discomfort will be adjusted to ensure your comfort.

This is where the similarities between Standard and Precision dentures come to an end.

Beyond these basic steps, Precision denture construction incorporates specialized instruments and procedures to ensure optimal denture function and greater fit.

First, a Pin Tracing will be used to record both your centric bite (how you close straight together) and your functional bite (how you move your jaw side to side and front to back). These measurements will accurately calibrate the relation of your upper and lower jaws and the entire range of motion that your jaw engages in when chewing.

A Facebow Transfer will be used to find an accurate plane and tooth position for the upper teeth. This measurement differs from person to person depending on the shape and size of this bone and will aid your Denturist in providing better function and aesthetic tooth positioning.

In addition, the contacts between your teeth will be refined.

These additional steps will allow your Denturist to ensure your denture functions accurately with the individual workings of your jaw and teeth.

Because of its enhanced function, a Precision denture will also provide a more precise fit. Your dentures will be better balanced in how your teeth come together, meaning that your denture will fit better throughout your normal range of motion of chewing, drinking, talking, and laughing.

The bottom line: a Precision denture provides precision performance.

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