Once you have your denture, you can forget about it, right? Wrong! Annual recall appointments will be needed to keep you healthy, comfortable, and smiling.

What happens during a recall visit, you may ask? This appointment provides you with an opportunity to have your Denturist check and assess a number of important aspects of your denture and oral health.

First, your Denturist will check for denture wear. Dentures can wear over time, causing difficulty in chewing and speech. We can tell you if your dentures are wearing at an acceptable rate and make any corrections that may be needed.

Next, they will look for changes in your oral tissue. Your mouth is continuously changing, and the shape and size of your gums are not the same as they were on the day your dentures were made. These changes will impact the fit and function of your dentures and can cause sore spots, difficulty eating, and speaking challenges. At your recall exam, your Denturist will check and adjust your denture’s fit and ensure it functions optimally.

Your Denturist will also assess your oral tissue for oral cancer. Oral cancer can arise at any time and can be found in many patients wearing dentures. A regular check-up by your Denturist may be the only way to detect oral cancer in the early stages.

If your denture is ill-fitting or the bite of your denture is off, this places strain on your temporomandibular jaw joint (TMJ) and can lead to TMJ syndrome. Common symptoms of this painful condition include ringing in the ears, dizziness, popping or cracking sound in the jaw joint, and neck pain. At your recall exam, your Denturist will look for TMJ issues and can correct your denture’s fit and bite for better TMJ function.

Finally, a recall exam provides your Denturist with the ability to update your medical history. Many medications can greatly affect your saliva, the tissues of your mouth, and your body’s ability to combat bacteria in the oral cavity.

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