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Immediate Complete Upper & Lower Dentures

Before Patient had: Partial upper denture Reason for new dentures: Remaining upper dentition (teeth) have been extracted Age of old denture: 8 years After Patient received: Immediate complete upper and lower dentures Dentures made: April 2016 Denturist: Stacey Macaulay See all our Smiles!

Immediate Complete Upper Denture

Before Patient had: No dentures Reason for new dentures: Existing dentition (teeth) were migrating due to edentulous spaces, patient was unhappy with dental aesthetics After Patient received: Alveoplasty to reshape the patient’s jawbone for optimal aesthetics Immediate complete upper denture with Ivoclar Phonares II teeth Treatment notes: Patient will receive ongoing care to modify the denture fit as […]

Complete Upper Denture & Immediate Complete Lower Denture

Before Patient had: Complete upper denture and partial lower denture Reason for new dentures: Patient had remaining lower teeth extracted, upper denture was worn and ill fitting, and aesthetics were not ideal due to wear and bone resorption Age of old dentures: 10+ years old, not made as a set After Patient received: Complete upper denture and immediate […]

Immediate Complete Upper Denture

Before Patient had: 6 remaining teeth on her upper ridge, 2 of which were extremely mobile. Reason for new denture: Patient was scheduled for extraction of her remaining upper dentition. After Patient received: Immediate Complete Upper Denture Dentures made: March 2019 Denturist: Stacey MacAulay See all our Smiles!

See all our Smiles!

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